Top 5 Reasons to buy handmade beaded jewelry

Fans of handmade beaded jewelry don’t need convincing. They already know full well the exceptional artistry and custom dazzle that handmade bling brings to bear. But as the trend gains traction, a whole new segment is discovering why handmade beaded jewelry is a smash favorite among jewelry wearers. Here, according to, are the top five reasons to purchase handmade beaded jewelry:

  • Jewelry makes great gifts. The variety of handmade jewelry makes it a fantastic gift idea. Beaded jewelry is an especially good gift idea because there is such variety of it and it’s generally easy to store and care for. Look for a bead jewelry set that includes a necklace, bracelet, and pair of earrings for a truly fabulous gift.
  • Appropriate for most occasions. The same variety that makes handmade beaded jewelry a terrific gift idea also makes it an appropriate accessory for nearly every occasion. For formal events, choose handmade beaded jewelry with delicate sterling silver strands and small, uniform beads. For parties, go bigger and bolder: chunky beaded bracelets, cuffs, or jewelry with jangling beads will grab notice. Work-appropriate handcrafted beaded jewelry can include pendant necklaces or pearl beaded bracelets.
  • Handmade jewelry is unique. While there is a huge variety of handmade beaded jewelry to choose from, each piece is unique, because handcrafted jewelry is not mass produced.
  • The ‘signature piece’ of your jewelry set. Handcrafted jewelry can easily become the signature piece of your collection, the one you wear to host parties that evokes compliments galore. Because handmade beaded jewelry is so easy to build ensembles around, thick beaded bracelets, elegant pendant necklaces, or charming cocktail rings become go-to pieces in your jewelry box.
  • Handmade beaded jewelry is affordable. Because handmade beaded jewelry isn’t attached to a big designer name, it’s less expensive. At the same time, handcrafted jewelry is of high quality because it’s handmade, making it a fine investment for your jewelry collection.

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