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Please Note: We cannot begin the site design or layout for your website without the page titles and color choices. All content should be sent using the form or emailed to the address above as soon as possible. No content will be placed on the website until ALL content is collected.

This information will be used in the setup of your website as well as the contact information associated with your project. Please make sure that all information is accurate.

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* Just to verify we are building a showcase or (shopping cart) or custom website for you?
* If building a shopping cart, how many products do you need to sell on-line, give me a quantity range?
* If building a shopping cart, what specific website or websites do you want us to use as the blueprint to build your website?
* Is the website going to be to selling to consumers or businesses?
* Do you wholesale or retail your services?
* If building a custom website, what specific functions do you need your website to have such as a login page or different database? Please be specific as to what you need with similar example sites or provide us with more detail as to what you need your site to do?
* Do you want to keep any of the content from your current website?
* What are the categories you want on your website, such as home page, about us, services , etc.?
* Are there any additional sub-categories or other categories you want to have on your website?
* How long have you been in business and give me a bio or brief history about you and your ownership of this business?
* What would you say your mission statement is?
* What makes you better or different than your competition?
* What type of guarantee do you offer?
* Do you have any discounts that you offer?
* Can you please explain your services in more detail?
* What products do you sell?
* Are you a franchise or independently owned?
* Do you want a map on your contact us page?
* What phone numbers do you want on your website?
* What email address do you want on your website?
* Can you send me some pictures for your website of your work, employees, and or products or do you want us to pull stock photos? If we need to pull stock photos we need to know specific types of photos to pull:
* What else do your feel would be helpful to mention on your website in addition to what we have discussed?
* Do you prefer us to update your website when you need to make changes or do you want to make the changes yourself?
* Do you want an estimate or quote form on your website? If yes please tell me all of the information you need to be filled out on the form for the estimate/quote/order form:
* Do you want any add-on features such as a new logo designed, an additional photo gallery, an animated slide show, or any other specific functions on the home page or any other page of your website? Be specific please.
* Are you needing any email accounts setup or transferred over? Email is typically setup or transferred when the new website is ready to go live. Your email can stay the same. If Yes, please spell out the email accounts you need us to setup and the passwords for each:
* Additional information that needs to be on the website:

Please help us develop a website that works for you. Give us some information on the purpose this website should serve for your company. This will give us a target for functionality as well as provide areas that we need to pay special attention to. We do understand that most websites could fit into a number of these target areas, we ask this only to help focus the website on your specific target.

* Package:

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This information will be used in the creation of the layout of your project. Any specific notes as to the design should be described in detail below. This will give our design team an idea of your likes and dislikes and helps in creating a project that reflects the design of your business.

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